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Why Create an Online Community?

Ongoing engagement with your members, customers, or employees is the foundation for your shared success.

Communities accelerate your growth

Boost Retention

Ongoing engagement in your community creates valuable, loyal members or customers. With a community, create a space for your users to interact – and generate business intelligence that leads to programs and products they actually want. According to the Community Roundtable, 61% of organizations with community initiatives were able to increase customer retention.

Increase Loyalty and Satisfaction

Communities bring your people together, building relationships that stick – both with you and between them. After creating their new community, the Educational Theatre Association increased their organic search ranking by 900%.

Maximize Revenue

Unlock the knowledge of the group, generating rich data that accelerates your growth, leading to programs and products your users want. PPAI said, “Now we can target our messages to different groups. We see what our members are talking about in real-time and can develop products and services that help them.”

Create Advocates

Bring your existing advocates into daily contact with your users so they can regularly champion you, getting more users involved, up to speed, and organically exposed to your offerings.

Grow at Scale

With answers to almost every question they have, a community makes onboarding and enabling product adoption easy. When customers can get valuable answers with self-service, that’s a huge win for them and for you.

Chris Detzel Global Community Manager, Imperva

“Our community puts us where our customers are, and allows us to help them the way they want to be helped.”

Chris Detzel Global Community Manager, Imperva

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Randy Glick Executive Director, Southern Medical Association

“We need to recreate association online. So that’s really at the center of everything we’re doing.” 

Randy Glick Executive Director, Southern Medical Association